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It is a sustainable fashion project that creates urban street-style outdoor products by upgrading and transforming second-hand clothing materials.


Highlighting the prominent Chinese classic Red&Green high-brightness colors, the project conveys Eastern aesthetics while adding a sense of clothing collection. The high-saturation, high-brightness color palette ensures that the clothing always looks "new," allowing any trendy color to seamlessly integrate into the project's designs and play a crucial role in extending the lifespan of the garments.


Additionally, all clothing items can quickly transform into a beautiful bag, facilitating daily carrying and home storage. The bags are made from leftover fabric scraps generated during the production process and serve as original packaging, reducing excessive fashion packaging issues and increasing the chances of resale in the second-hand market.

35 Life

The project draws inspiration from the traditional Chinese culture of "Huǒ Fēng Dǐng," meaning "replace the old with the new." It is also influenced by the designer's personal experience with illness, making these designs more suitable for people who cannot be exposed to sunlight for extended periods, adapting to the changing urban lifestyle.


"35Life" aims to bring a relaxed and enjoyable visual and wearing experience to the busy and mentally tense urban population due to work and life demands.

winter home work monster01s.JPG

Winter home work monster

star also need work summer

Star also need work summer

Cyber biker jacket01s_edited.jpg

Cyber city sailing jacket

we are not the same backpack01s_edited.j

We are not the same backpack 

don_t care everything hoodie01 s_edited.

Don't care everything hoodies

elegant beach sun-protection king01s_edi

Elegant beach sun-protection king

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