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Past Dilemmas

Past Dilemmas record common scenes from daily life, shedding light on various issues such as waste resulting from commercialization and the thriving second-hand market in Australia. Through these photos, the aim is to provoke reflection on aspects often taken for granted. For instance, the clothes purchased eventually find their way into wardrobes, each garment meeting a different fate—some retained, others discarded. This prompts questions about consumption habits and the consequent waste generated. By showcasing these everyday moments, the intention is to raise awareness about the environmental impact of daily choices. The project underscores the ease with which significance is often overlooked in routine actions. Ultimately, the goal is to inspire critical thinking about behaviors and promote consideration of more sustainable alternatives in daily life. Through visual storytelling, the work seeks to render abstract issues more tangible and relatable to viewers.

LIFE, 2024

Zhang Chengrui (Ray)

“Clothes are like memories to me. Each piece of clothing holds a memory, whether good or bad. I am willing to keep them all because they have witnessed my journey to becoming who I am today.”

“For me, clothes are merely for covering the body and keeping warm. I don't have many clothes, but they are enough...”

Mannequins are silent observers in shop windows, calmly watching everything around them. They are dressed in various fashionable outfits by merchants, standing quietly and showcasing the latest trends. Mannequins have become symbols of consumerism in modern society, their very existence meant to attract passersby and draw them into the whirlpool of consumption.


Shop windows are not merely places to display goods; they serve as mirrors reflecting human nature. People pause in front of these windows, captivated by the mannequins' attire and enticed by the latest designs. The mannequins silently tell stories of fashion and consumption, stories woven by human desires.


On bustling streets, people rush by, constantly drawn to the scenes in shop windows. Desires flow like a never-ending stream, ceaselessly coursing through people's hearts. Mannequins stand there quietly, witnessing it all. Their presence reminds us that consumerism has deeply infiltrated our lives, becoming an invisible force that drives us to continuously seek the next "must-have" item.

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