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Tradition and Transformation

Tradition and Transformation is dedicated to the remarkable work of Canwen Zhao, created as part of her master’s project, which delves into the intricate interplay between modern consumerism and environmental sustainability. The exhibition primarily showcases traditional Chinese clothing styles, highlighting Zhao’s deep cultural inspiration and extensive research. It includes detailed color studies and design sketches that capture her initial concepts. Additionally, videos documenting the production process and the clothing transformation process provide an immersive view into her creative journey. Samples from the experimental phase of the "35Life" project offer tangible insights into her innovative techniques and material explorations aimed at waste reduction and sustainable fashion. Each element of Zhao’s project embodies her commitment to environmental advocacy, merging art with activism to inspire reconsideration of consumption habits and embrace more sustainable practices. Zhao’s master project not only showcases her artistic prowess but also her innovative approach to addressing contemporary environmental challenges, offering a powerful platform for reflection and action towards a more sustainable future.

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